A Day in the Life

A Day In The Life: Uswah Shabbir, 2018 Wharton Women President

The Walnut Street Journal is excited to share with you what a day in the life of our outgoing president Uswah Shabbir looks like.

Uswah is a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, born in Philly and from Los Angeles. She is studying in Wharton, concentrating in Finance and Behavioral Economics. In addition to Wharton Women, Uswah is involved with Wharton Ambassadors, a student organization where she gives information sessions and coffee chats to prospective students; the Financial Literacy Community Project, where she teaches financial literacy to students in West Philadelphia; and Penn Social Entrepreneurship Project, where she has helped run a social impact incubator.

Uswah has done an awesome job leading Wharton Women, and one of the coolest memories she has from the organization is when she got to meet Janet Yellen after she came to speak at Wharton. Get ready to learn about a day in Uswah’s life!

8:15 AM

Uswah wakes up and gets ready for the day; she has 9 AM classes every Monday- Thursday! She typically makes a cup of Earl Grey tea and listens to a podcast while getting ready. Her favorite one is The Daily, which helps her get updated on current political events that she normally doesn’t get to hear about in her business classes.

9:00 AM

Uswah attends her Urban Fiscal Policy class (BEPP/FNCE 320). In this class, she is learning about the way that cities work, what factors affect them, and how to make them more efficient. Taking this course has actually introduced her to new future career options in urban public policy.

10:30 AM

Uswah goes to MBA Cafe in Huntsman Hall to catch up on work, respond to emails, and prepare readings for her next classes.

12:00 PM

Uswah attends her CIS 110 lecture. This class is an introduction to computer science and she is learning to do basic coding in Java.

1:00 PM

Uswah grabs lunch with a friend at one of the many food trucks on Penn’s campus. Her favorite food trucks are Don Memo’s on 38th St. and Spruce St., which serves delicious burritos and tacos, and the fruit truck on 37th St. and Spruce St. Her goal is to have tried all of the food trucks on Spruce before the end of senior year.

2:00 PM

Uswah hosts an information session with Wharton Ambassadors. She presents to prospective students and parents and talks to them about academics and personal life at Wharton. She finds it to be a great opportunity to reflect on the opportunities and resources she’s had at Wharton.

3:00 PM

Uswah attends her Negotiations class (OIDD 291). She gets to do hands-on negotiations in various scenarios with her classmates.

6:00 PM

Uswah heads to her weekly Wharton Women executive board meeting. The team reflects on the past week’s events and plans ahead for the annual Wharton Women Business Conference (WWBC).

7:00 PM

The weather today is beautiful, so for dinner Uswah packs a lunch and has a picnic on College Green with a friend.

8:00 PM

Uswah heads to Pottruck to workout! Pottruck is Penn’s main campus gym and houses pretty much any type of workout one could want.

10:00 PM

Uswah studies in Huntsman Hall in the computer lab. She finishes up her study time with pleasure reading, if she’s not too tired, and then heads home for bed.

Don’t be afraid to try challenging things! I wish I had spent less time being afraid and more time just trying. Everything’s scary until you try it, and you never know what you might end up loving.

Uswah Shabbir

We hope that you enjoyed following a day in the life of Uswah Shabbir, our awesome president.

By Shreya Subramanian (W’ 21).