Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight: Rachel Walter

Rachel Walter is a senior studying Marketing and Management. She is originally from Claysburg, PA and she looks forward to working for DICK’S Sporting Goods next year. 
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When did you get involved with Wharton Women and what has been the best part about the experience?

I got involved with Wharton Women my freshman fall by just attending events and being a member of the club, but I really got involved freshman spring when I decided to apply for committee positions. I had such a great experience with the club that I knew I needed to get involved in other ways beyond just attending the events. That being said, the best part about my Wharton Women experience has been watching members interact at the events. Knowing that my work on the committees and Exec Board has allowed them to interact with each other and with our amazing guest speakers makes me feel that my time in the club has been well spent.

Biggest challenge as VP?

The biggest challenge as VP of Philanthropy was spreading the word about the events that we were holding. We had put a lot of time and effort into making the events innovative while ensuring that they maintained the philanthropic foundation they were started on. We really wanted a lot of people to come to support our efforts and the charities, but it was a big challenge for us to spread the word, especially with so many other events always happening on campus.

What other clubs/activities are you involved in? How do you balance your time?

I am involved in Wharton Cohorts, I serve as a TA for FNCE 101, and I do research with a MGMT PhD student. To balance it all, I maintain a very detailed Google Calendar, and at the beginning of each week, I allocate all of my work for the week to certain days based on my time commitments for other classes and activities. This helps me stay organized and make sure that I don’t forget any of my responsibilities throughout the week.

What was your summer internship last year? Tell us a little bit more about the experience. 

I worked at DICK’S Sporting Goods as a Digital Marketing Intern. This experience was very meaningful for me because my career goal has always been to work in the sports industry, but from many conferences and speakers, I had always heard that it was hard to break into the industry. So, when I landed this internship I was thrilled. Thankfully, it lived up to my expectations, and I got to work on digital media campaigns for many aspects of the company. Specifically, I focused on improving an existing campaign promoting NFL jerseys, and I got to work with my team on a new brand launch as well as the DICK’S sponsorship of the Little League World Series, all of which were really exciting.

Post graduation plans?

I will be heading back to Pittsburgh to work at DICK’S Sporting Goods in their Leadership Development Program. This program focuses on analytics and I will be rotating in finance, real estate, supply chain, merchandising, and eCommerce.

A day in the life:

I usually wake up around 8am, and on the days when I have class at 9, I just spend that time getting ready for the day. On other days, I don’t have class until later, so I usually work for about three hours before heading to the gym before lunch. After the gym and lunch, I typically shower and get ready for the rest of my day before spending another hour or so working for classes. Then, I head to class before having several meetings in the evenings. I usually get back to my apartment around 7 or 8pm, so I have dinner then, typically with my roommates. I then do work for another two hours or so before calling my mom around 10pm. (I call her almost every day and this is a very important part of my day for me.) Then, I spend the rest of the night working before I head to bed around 1am.

Advice for freshman year self?

Have more fun! You only get four years with the amazing friends you make, and it goes by so quickly without even realizing it. So, take more breaks from studying and hang out with friends more. You’ll be thankful for this later when you can’t see them every day.


Written by Julia Bache (W’19)