A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life: Audrey Goldberg, 2017 Wharton Women President

For this post, The Walnut Street Journal is showing any prospective Wharton students—or just anyone who’s curious—what a day in the life of a Wharton Woman looks like. We followed our very own Audrey Goldberg, the 2017 President, through a complete day to see what she does and where she goes on campus.

Audrey is a junior from Bucks County, Pennsylvania concentrating in Marketing, OID (Operations, Information, and Decisions), Management, and Social Impact and Responsibility. In addition to being involved in Wharton Women, she is part of Wharton Cohorts and is the treasurer of her sorority, Sigma Delta Tau. Keep reading to see what Audrey gets up to in a typical day!

After 9AM.png

8:00 AM: Audrey wakes up to a bustling campus outside and makes herself a cup of coffee. Every morning she looks at her planner to get a glimpse of the coming hours and to remember any meetings she may have.

9:00 AM: Audrey arrives to her Management 238: Organizational Behavior lecture in Huntsman Hall. Often the professor, Adam Grant, arranges for guest speakers to visit. Today, Kat Cole (who also spoke at the Wharton Women business conference!) came in and discussed management concepts with the class.

10:30 AM: Audrey heads to her Management 101 lecture. She finds this class particularly interesting as it is one of the core classes for her management concentration.

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12:00 PM: Audrey heads to Chipotle to eat lunch and enjoy a midday break. The Chipotle on 39th and Walnut is a favorite lunch spot for Penn students.

12:30 PM: Audrey meets with the President of Sigma Delta Tau to review executive board responsibilities. As the treasurer, Audrey helps update financial documents and works to allocate the budget.

1:00 PM: She has a meeting with the Wharton Women board. They head to G95, the undergraduate division suite in Huntsman Hall, to meet with the Wharton administration and discuss the organization’s future leadership.

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2:00 PM: Audrey books a group study room (commonly referred to as a GSR) in Huntsman Hall to work on her homework. After finishing her schoolwork for the day, she works on plans for an upcoming Wharton Women Allies event.

After 2PM

5:00 PM: Audrey attends her Intro To Tabla class. Offered by the South Asian Studies department, this class teaches students how to play the tabla, which is a popular South Asian percussion instrument. She practices with her group for their upcoming performance, and sees it as a fun way to be creative and destress with music.

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6:30 PM: Audrey heads out for a run in Penn Park, a park on Penn’s campus with amazing views of Philly. She proceeds to run along the Schuylkill River and escapes the hustle and bustle of campus for a while.

After 6-30 PM

7:00 PM: Audrey goes home and eats dinner with her friends. They catch up on their respective days and enjoy a home cooked meal.

9:00 PM: Audrey heads to another GSR in Huntsman Hall to meet with her Management 240 team to work on a group project. They are preparing for a client presentation at the Penn Museum in the coming week. After this, Audrey goes home to finish up any schoolwork and to go to sleep.

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Written by Shreya Subramanian (W’ 21).